The Heatstone Connex System was created to increase winter safety and convenience for home and business owners looking for reliable snow and ice melting solutions. This outdoor radiant heating system is offered in two formats. The Heatstone Connex System is easy-to-install and maintain – designed with contractors and DIYers in mind. Plan for a shovel and salt free winter!

Purchase in starter kits with pre-cast integrated concrete patio stones (1’x1′ and 2’x2′) with the heating cabling and connectors already included, or without concrete (just bridging cables and cap). Each pre-cast stone is designed to be a self contained heated unit which connects to the next stone, etc. Use the integrated concrete patio stones for quick and easy installation of walkways, areas around patios as well as hot tubs. Have a custom design in mind, use the Heatstone Connex system without concrete and pour your own concrete, shape, colour and stamp if desired.

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Download the Heatstone Connex System Brochure