Snow and Ice Melting

The Heatstone Connex System is perfect for melting snow and ice on walkways, stairs and patios without having to get out the shovels, snowblowers or hire expensive snow removal services. No mittens required!

Heated walkways are quickly becoming the snow solution of choice for homeowners and construction professionals. The convenience and long-term benefits of these reliable and durable systems are added benefits on top of being easy to install, energy efficient and effective. A heated walkway is a great solution to the challenges that winter sometimes presents in cold climates. If you’re looking to alleviate these challenges and increase your property value, Heatstone Connex is a step in the right direction.

Highly energy efficient, the Heatstone Connex System is a better investment and immediately increases property values on installation.

This innovative system heats the pre-cast patio stones or poured concrete to a maximum of 5°C to rapidly and safely remove and keep snow and ice off high traffic areas*. The system plugs into a 120V so there’s no need for an electrician. A safe solution, the Heatstone Connex System is CSA Approved and includes Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection. The Heatstone Connex System is energy efficient – only turning on when needed and can be unplugged in the fall and summer months.

The Heatstone Connex System is not recommended for use with other stone types, pavers or other finishing materials. Best results use the Heatstone Connex system with concrete to conduct the most rapid, efficient and consistent radiant heat for optimal snow and ice removal.

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